Hidden Truth

Hello and welcome to my Hidden Truth Art Project.

For those who haven't seen my project, I ask people to anonymously tell me a truth, a lie or a secret, about themselves, to write this on a postcard, and post through one of the slots in my sculpture.

I’m always delighted with the response I get from participants in my project and I'm constantly asked if I have a favourite statement - to which I reply "Yours", because each one is valued, as it shows you believe in the project. My only regret is that I can't continue the conversation you start with me when you post a reply!

I started this project back in 2013 and have toured Dumfries and Galloway with her each year choosing locations around the region I thought would best suit the project. By far the most responses are always in cafes, where people have time to relax and ponder their reply. Some even revert to verse!
For example I've taken her to Designs in Castle Douglas, Loch Arthur Cafe at Bees Wing, to the Yellow Door Gallery on Queen Street in Dumfries, and even to Venice.

I only put on a sample of the replies, as I receive so many, but please feel free to buy one of my books with all the replies in for each year. Go to ‘Artists Book’ on the left hand menu to order the 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 books.
If anyone fails to specify which category their reply refers to, I've guessed, so apologies if I get it wrong!


Happiest times are spent with the best of friends!....... Truth

My husband has no idea I plan to run away and live as a hermit once my youngest child (now 10 years) leaves home............. Secret

I wish I could do my life over again. .Truth

I sat down for my lunch today,
And this on the table lay.
So then the thought – what would I write?
A poem short, and so goodnight

I’ve bought an art gallery – a passion that none of my family knows about!.......... Secret


Within my workplace it is quite common for people to die (daily if not weekly) ........Truth


I’m a super hero at the weekends........... Secret

Sometimes I just want someone to look after me. ...............Truth

It is lovely when the sky is different colours. Jessica age 4

I am a surveyor with a meditation teacher who wants to get out. .............Truth

I lie to keep people happy and to make things look better and keep my son out of trouble. I steel. Why? I do not know. I hate myself afterwards. .......Truth

On Pancake Day my daughter said “My Dad is the best tosser in town”!............. Truth

I wanted to be a spy and travel all over the world....................Secret
guinea pig251resized

Teachers hate holidays................... Lie

I actually wanted to vote ‘YES’ but didn’t....................Truth

You’ve asked for truths and secrets
You’ve even asked for lies,
But how will you know the difference
If you can’t see my eyes! .....................................................Truth

One day I hope to change the world for the better...................Truth

Always listen to your heart, because even though it’s on your left side, it’s always right. ..Truth
tree hugger248resized

I love my Louise more than anything or anyone in the world…sssh…it feels good to write this. .........Truth

“The less I expect, the more I am given” ....Truth

So many secrets! My partner is autistic and no-one knows and we have not been intimate for 14 years!.... Secret

Somewhere between giving up and seeing how much more I can take........ Truth

Everyone’s a cowboy if you look at then right. .....................Truth

I was born a man, now I am a kangaroo............ Secret

I still haven't found my personal legend. Secret

I am scared of the wind. Secret

I love my Dad. Truth

I kissed a girl and liked it. Secret

I prefer the company of my dogs more than most people! Truth

I separated from my husband a month ago and have only told 6 people. He hasn't told anyone. I'm still wearing my wedding ring because it's easier than answering questions I'm not sure I have the answers to yet. I feel like a coward for that. Secret

I used to be autistic. But through my OWN efforts I cured myself. I can now say "I cure autism". Truth

Being brave is the ability to face your fears. Secret

I once stuck someone's toothbrush up my bottom after he shaved my eyebrows off. Truth

I ran away from boarding school to join the French Foreign Legion but in Marseille met a French girl and changed my mind. Truth

To have, to hold, to live, to die,
Why say these words if a lie,
Love is for those who care,
For those who only want to share. Truth

I sleep in a wetsuit. Secret

I am not human. The mothership left me here. Truth

My crowbar is my best friend. Secret

I fell in love with my cousin when we were 10 years old and 44 years later we became a couple. (Long courtship!). Truth

Quote of the day "I should wear morph suits more often". Truth

I have two brains…….but forgot to bring them! Truth

I wish my husband still wanted to have sex with me. Secret

I live my life afraid of everything. Truth

I am a caring person who likes to help people. Truth
I am beautiful, talented and have three boobs. Lie
I dream of having sex with Poldark. Secret

dinosaurs 2015

I have always wanted lots of children, but I’m scared that I will upset my daughter if I have more. Secret

Woops! Sorry – but I drove out of a tight car park space and managed to scrape and flatten the whole of another car. I didn’t stop and am forever sorry! Truth/secret

I breathe fire!
My wings are invisible!!
I live in the real world!!!
With you ‘normal people’

I'm a man. No one knows. Shhh. Secret

I don't know if I have any secrets! Truth

I feed my neighbours cats in the hope they will one day choose to live with me. Secret

My creativity is suppressed by my acute shyness. I have become a master of subtlety but nobody seems to notice. Truth

My husband loves me to dress up for sex. Secret

Far too long I've carried my boss's weight. No one knows just how ineffective she is. That's all about to change. They'll never see me coming. Truth/secret

Everybody thinks I'm going away on holiday with a friend in a few weeks’ time. What they don't know is that I'm actually running away for a while with my lover. Truth/lie crossed out.


I miss my daughter so much I hope one day soon we will be close, and all the scars will be healed. Truth

I love the smell of fresh terradactil blood in the evening. I whip out my vodka and flick it into the eye holes of a Jedi. He loves it when the cake screams his name, so I attach the dinosaur wings to his force-based feet. I love the smell of Jedi feet in the morning. Lie

Friends are the family you pick yourself. Thank God because with a family like mine I need friends. Truth

Sometimes writing your problems to a stranger helps a lot. I have depression and fight with self-harm. This has helped. Truth

I don't know if I can survive the death of my dog. Secret

My other card tells the truth. Lie

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I am deeply in love for the first time in my life – and I’ve just turned 60...................Truth

When I look back over the decades of my life that I remember, I find it too easy to recall events and behaviour about which I feel negative, and much too hard to recall things which I celebrate. Does the bad really outweigh the good?..........................Truth/secret

I’m a pole dancer by night………………………Lie

I am a happily married woman and mother of 3 – and I like having internet sex with strange men………Secret

I have been in love with the same man for 20 years, but he doesn’t know it. This week he contacted me to say he would love to see me……….Truth

I had to get a colonic irrigation to clear my gambling debts I had accumulated over a summer in London……….Secret

When country dancing I suffer stress incontinence……….Truth/Secret

I am a born again virgin and I love it………..Truth